Progress Is Impossible Without Change

Wanna hear a joke?

A company of men had been out in the field for weeks when the officer in charge came to them and said "I have good news - today you're getting a change of underwear." The men were thrilled. Then the officer said "The bad news is - you're changing with him, you're changing with him..."

What does your mind have to do with your life? Your business? 

What does changing your mind have to do with your growth?

It all comes down to our minds doesn't it? Our decisions create who we are. Out of our minds we create our lives. This is why I talk about our thought processes so very much. It is the most vital component of business management. 

When things aren't going well in business, it is often due to our misguided thought processes. Out of our minds we create our businesses. We must be pragmatic. We must be willing to change our thoughts if we want to progress.

And the changes certainly should be improvements, unlike exchanging them for a different dirty pair of underwear...